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Dear Guest,
Our only goal is to provide quality and safe service to protect our guests and employees.
Our facility provides safe and healthy service as in previous years; T. C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, T.C. Ministry of Health, T.C. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will continue in accordance with the instructions and regulations of the relevant Municipal Public Institutions and
Organizations, and it also cooperates with the support and cooperation of certified private sector local and foreign organizations.
The Covid-19 pandemic, which influenced the whole world, caused us to make changes regarding our daily life habits and to create a new order for a healthy and safe life.
In line with these regulations, T.C. Ministry of Health, T.C. By following the guidelines and circulars of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we have made our facility suitable and completed all our preparations for a safe and healthy environment with additional measures.
We would like to share our hygiene and cleaning measures that we have increased in order to be prepared due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and other possible epidemic risks that may occur later and with you through this notification.
Precautions Taken Inside the Facility and General Usage Areas
- Activity, service, etc. within the facility. leaflets, flyers etc. used for promotion magazines, magazines, books etc. placed in the common areas for the guests. printed publications have been removed. Sensor disinfection units are placed in general areas.
- Daily cleaning and disinfection of the General Area toilets will be done frequently and will be kept under constant monitoring with necessary arrangements.
- There is a disinfectant dispenser with sensors at the exit of the changing rooms, and pedal trash cans are available.
- The toilet cleaning system and its sensitivity have been maximized. There are exhaust ventilation system in toilets and will be kept open 7/24.
- Shower areas, dressing rooms, toilets and sinks are primarily cleaned, door handles, shower heads toilet seat, faucets, etc. Disinfection of high places with hand contact will be made.
- Maximum number of people are indicated by elevator warnings. Ventilation filters will be cleaned regularly and there will be a disinfectant unit with sensors at each elevator entrance.
- Social distance arrangement was made between all sitting groups in the public areas.
- Our spa & fitness areas will serve and cleaning and disinfection will be carried out regularly within the framework of certain rules. Fitness usage is reserved and the maximum person capacity in the closed area will be kept under control.
- Your entertainment will be delivered to you, with all the details from the seating arrangement to the show contents reviewed, taking into account the social distance in animation shows.
- Meeting rooms, hairdresser, store, etc. All of our usage areas are presented to your service with the necessary precautions taken.
- In this process, external visitors will not be accepted to the facility.
Pool And Sea Usage Rules And Precautions
- Pool water regulation and disinfection is carried out in accordance with the "Pool Maintenance and Operating Instructions" of the pools in the "Regulation on Health Principles  to be Subject to Swimming Pools" and in our facility.
- It is aimed to keep the chlorine level and pH of the pool water at the highest level specified in the regulation, and it is recorded by regular measurements. Chlorination of pool water is done only by automatically controlling the free chlorine concentration in pool water. For this reason, a suitable chlorine dosage device is used. Chlorine level is kept between 1-3 ppm in outdoor pools and 1-1.5 ppm in indoor pools.
- If there is no extra pollution in the children's pools, they are emptied at least once a week, cleaned and disinfected.
- Lifeguards will wear masks and gloves, and will also keep the number of users under control in the pools.
- Boards containing the rules that guests must follow before entering the pool and inside the pool will be positioned visibly.
- Disinfectant dispensers will be available in the designated areas.
- Sunbeds are placed around the pool and beach with a minimum distance of 1.5 m. These areas are determined by lines in order to provide social distance.
- Towels will not be kept open on the towel deck, they will be kept at the desk in the bag. The crew will give the towel to the guest after disinfecting their hands.
- If a beach towel card is used, towel cards in the towel desk will be disinfected with UVC device and the disinfected cards will be put into the clean card box.
- The air quality of the indoor pool area will be supported with fresh air and the filters will be cleaned regularly.
Entry and Exit Procedures - Precautions Taken
- In order for our guests to have a safe, healthy and happy holiday, fire measurements will be made by our personnel with contactless device at the entrance of the facility. This information will only be shared with you and, if necessary, with the authorized public institutions and organizations, taking into account the provisions of the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and our operations will be carried out in accordance with the same rules.
- All our guests entering our facility will be provided with a mask if they do not have a mask.
- After logging into our facility, our guests will be taken to the guest waiting area we have created and the check-in process will be done in this area.
- All tables and chairs in the guest waiting area are arranged in accordance with the social distance rules and will be disinfected periodically after each guest use.
- In our C / in rooms, there will be surface disinfectant, paper towel and hand disinfectant on the desk of our staff who will perform the entrance procedures. Room cards and pens will be kept in closed boxes disinfected with UVC device. There will be a separate pencil case on the table to put the contacted items. Warning letters will be written on these for informative purposes.
- Relevant staff informs the Valet Chief for the guest whose C / in operation is completed. Luggage is removed from the vehicle by the valet and disinfected. Luggage disinfected by Bellboy is taken and taken to the room to be c / in.
Room Cleaning Rules And Precautions
- Before starting room cleaning, the process is started after the rooms are disinfected with ULV disinfectant machine and surface disinfectant. After cleaning, the disinfection process is performed with ULV disinfectant machine and the room is exited.
- Disinfection; The controls, door handles, batteries, telephones, electrical on-off buttons, kettle, hair dryer, drawer and cabinet doors and opening-closing handles of the doors and trash cans in the rooms will be applied in the rooms.
- Textile materials will be changed daily. During the collection of dirty textile, no objectionable movements such as shaking, whisking etc. will spread around. The collection of textile materials and the laying of new ones are done with care and precision. All towels and other textile products will be washed at 90 ° temperature and during the washing time required for hygiene.
- No materials left over from the previous guest are left in the rooms.
- All beds have mattresses. (baby beds are cleaned and disinfected in detail, stretched and kept only in the area where baby items are located)
- Different color cloths are used to clean different areas of the room. Protective equipment and cloth change is made after each room cleaning.
- Personal hygiene materials (gloves, masks, overshoes) to be used by the personnel entering the room for both room cleaning and mini-bar service are single-use and thrown into the dirty bag at the end of the work and the mouth is tied and lifted.
Food and Beverage Areas and Precautions
- In our hotel, a total of 2 restaurants will serve. Buffets in our restaurants are arranged with strip barriers according to the social distance rule of 1.5 meters and the kitchen staff will be served by us.
- Within the scope of food safety, we increased the measures taken in kitchens, bars and restaurants. We have increased their audits and controls by our Quality Department and external audit firms.
- Restaurant cleaning and disinfection is carried out 3 times in the form of detailed cleaning and disinfection in the afternoon, afternoon and night.
- There are disinfection units at the restaurant entrances.
- Tables, chairs, stools and session intervals in the restaurants are arranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances. (Between 2 tables will be 1.5 m, between chairs will be 60 cm.)
- Salt-pepper and napkin will be disinfected by the service personnel after every guest. American services will be used.
- All service personnel will provide services in accordance with the social distance. All F&B staff will wear masks and gloves.
- Ionizing tool wiping machines will be used instead of hand wiping process of hand-washed service materials and then placed in disposable bags.
- Tables and chairs will be disinfected after use.
- In A'la carte restaurants, common use plates, salads, etc. to the tables. Individual presentations will be provided instead of product presentations.
- The staff working at the bar wears a mask, face shield and gloves.
- Benches and equipment will be disinfected with alcohol-based disinfectant after each use.
- Room services will be done with thermobox and disinfected before and after each use.
- All used cups, spoons, tongs, etc. The dishwasher will be washed at 60-65 ° C and the rinse will be done at 85-90 ° C. The indicator temperature control of the dishwasher will be made with temperature measuring tapes and will be recorded.
Personnel Hygiene Rules And Precautions
- Health examinations will be carried out before the staff starts, and according to the results of the recruitment examination, the work will be started after the approval received by the workplace doctor.
- Our staff receive training in accordance with training plans including pandemic, hygiene, personal hygiene, hand washing, the use of masks and gloves, the importance of minimizing social distance and surface contact, food safety, occupational health and safety.
- There are reminders on the measures taken and the points to be considered in the personnel areas.
- It is planned that the staff will work in the same shift and in the same area. Unless necessary, the working area and shift will not change.
- The measures taken in the lodge have been taken to the upper level and the personnel are taken inside according to the result of the fire measurement. Except for personnel, entrance to the lodge is completely stopped. The capacity of the personnel accommodating in the room has been reduced and cleaning and disinfection are carried out in accordance with their plans. The surfaces contacted in common areas are minimized and continuous disinfection is provided. The measures taken within the scope of food safety in the cafeteria have been further tightened and arrangements have been made according to social distance rules.
- All our personnel have been obliged to wear masks and gloves in the facility.
- Fever measurements are taken and recorded at the entry and exit of all our employees. Risky personnel are not taken into the facility.
- The service vehicles that carry our staff carry them according to the social distance rules and are regularly disinfected. There will be hand sanitizer, mask and gray (other wastes) dustbin at the entrance of the service.
- All of our staff will change their uniforms frequently, uniforms will be disinfected after washing.